These amazing materials, have the property of transporting electricity without resistance. What means not to lose thermal energy, and have time gaps between emitter and receptor near to zero.

This property appears usually at low temperatures, near to absolute zero. But have been discovered a new generation of superconductors at quite high temperatures, doing easier work with them using cheaper refrigerators.

 It can be used to produce high magnetic fields, with new extraordinary applications such as magnetic levitation, not only in well-known MAGLEV trains but in live animals. See this frog in magnetic levitation, the NASA have done the same with a mouse, imagine who is going to be the next…

 I will tell you more in future posts about composition,experiments, and so on.


One Response to “Superconductors”

  1. jamesmessig Says:

    Hi nanonabla;

    Very interesting post!

    The photo of the suspended superconductor is great.

    Physics Today has an interesting post about a proposed superconducting electrical transmission line within the South-West USA. The proposed line would operate as a transmission line for a mega electrical utility conglomerate like authority and would result in strongly reduced transmission losses with the caveat being that the line must be kept cryogenic such as by liquid nitrogen.

    I like the idea but my brother John thinks the concept is too vulnerable to terrorist attack or the interuption of the refrigeration mechanism.

    Nonetheless, I share your fascination with superconductivity.



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