Carbon nanotubes

This structures have amazing properties, that can break the limits imposed by other materials in conducting electricity, resistance among others. The remarkable fact is that superconductivity appears around 30K, what gives them an important place in the HCTS (High Critical Temperature Superconductors)

The predecessor carbon based structure was the C60 buckyball,

Both  are part of the same family compounds, the fullerenes,which are made of  graphene linked hexagonal rings; but they may also contain pentagonal (or sometimes heptagonal) rings.

The nanotubes are cylinders  that can be closed by a half  buckyball  in each extreme, may have only one wall or more, and different wrapping  angles in the way the graphite lattice was curved to form the cylinder. 

This is a great place to read about his Properties

The arc-evaporation method, which produces the best quality nanotubes, involves passing a current of about 50 amps between two graphite electrodes in an atmosphere of helium.
But if you don’t have a laboratory, you can do your virtual nanotubes with this superb application made by a research team of the Granada University (Spain)nanotubes simulation


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  1. saeed Says:

    Thank you for good text, special about Carbon nanotubes.
    shapes are beautiful too.

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