Maths in my town

I live in a little beautiful town, Santander in the north coast of Spain and I want to give my congratulations to a local mathematician Francisco Santos who has refuted the Hirsch conjecture.

Conjecture   Let $ P $ be a convex $ d $polytope with $ n $ facets. Then the diameter of the graph of the polytope $ P $ is at most $ n-d $.

What haven’t been proved for d≥4 and remains unresolved for 50 years.

The proof will be presented at the 100 Years in Seattle (The mathematics of Klee and Grunbaum) conference in end-July, this year.

But there is even an entry in the Wikipedia and a lot of references in the web,  what as I’ve read in the local newspaper interview, astonished Francisco Santos for such a quick reaction in the emedia. 

Here you have a part of this work published a few months ago December 2009

My humble congratulations.


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