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What Quantum information is about

April 13, 2010

First of all, I want to stand that the term Quant* it’s being excesively used by advertisers on marketing purposes, so a physicist can read and write quantum mechanics,but also can wash his hair with shampoo with quant-pearls. A similar impression can be felt when you hear “Quantum information” at first time, because both subjects had not been related before, and you can’t find common points intuitively.
That it’s the main reason to catch our curiosity.Something new!
A new research line it’s open.
But the aiming it’s the same old staff, more capacity and speed of procesing.
So,What is the innovation?

The unit of information, bits are going to be replaced by qbits, qbits are energy from the interaction of ions and atoms,or other quatum particles in order to apply the quantum properties such as superconductivity among others.
Depending of the particles chosen, and his properties in diferent conditions, it is pursued to get superconduccion and not to have decoherence wich destroys the stability of the qbit characteristics.
I will go on but for the moment here you are some interesting links.
The institute for Quantum Information (USA)
Oxford University site for Quantum Information