April 19, 2010

These amazing materials, have the property of transporting electricity without resistance. What means not to lose thermal energy, and have time gaps between emitter and receptor near to zero.

This property appears usually at low temperatures, near to absolute zero. But have been discovered a new generation of superconductors at quite high temperatures, doing easier work with them using cheaper refrigerators.

 It can be used to produce high magnetic fields, with new extraordinary applications such as magnetic levitation, not only in well-known MAGLEV trains but in live animals. See this frog in magnetic levitation, the NASA have done the same with a mouse, imagine who is going to be the next…

 I will tell you more in future posts about composition,experiments, and so on.



April 15, 2010

The earth is alive, so it moves.He has a very hot heart that some times comes to his surface. That it’s my poetic way to describe a volcano,but the consequences to animals and the vegetation are no so kind.
There is a part of  physics that apply its principles to understand and prevent the aspects  of volcano’s eruptions named vulcanology. There have been sadly famous eruptions along the history that cause death and destruction.
But vulcanology has each day more sophisticated methods to predict the seismic activity.
Last night in Iceland the volcano Eyjafjallajokull  has erupted.

Eyjafjallajokull volcano is situated  160 km from Reykjavik, and shares the name(I’m spanish and Eyjafjallajokull seems to me the onomatopoeia more than the name) with a glacier of 107 km² , one of the smallest in the island if we compare it with Vatnajökull of 8,100 km²

It’s not a good day to visit the place but here is the site of the hiking touristic expeditions, just in case someone wants to see the changes  last eruption made and that I hope not take to long to stay calm again without any injured.
I’ve found also some one who was there and tell us the experience would you like to see a volcano erupting?

One of the last developments in vulcanology is an electronic  nose that use a little mass spectrometer.

This nose can “smell” helium in the fumes of the volcano what is a sign of an imminent eruption.  This spectrometer is placed in the air-craft of a plane wich can smell out the zone.

Here a presentation part of the project AVEMS


April 13, 2010

A new word that I hope will be meaningful in the science world


It seems to me a good idea to join this both concepts used in physics the nabla operator and the submultiple nano used in most of the new research lines, at nanoscoscopic scale.

What Quantum information is about

April 13, 2010

First of all, I want to stand that the term Quant* it’s being excesively used by advertisers on marketing purposes, so a physicist can read and write quantum mechanics,but also can wash his hair with shampoo with quant-pearls. A similar impression can be felt when you hear “Quantum information” at first time, because both subjects had not been related before, and you can’t find common points intuitively.
That it’s the main reason to catch our curiosity.Something new!
A new research line it’s open.
But the aiming it’s the same old staff, more capacity and speed of procesing.
So,What is the innovation?

The unit of information, bits are going to be replaced by qbits, qbits are energy from the interaction of ions and atoms,or other quatum particles in order to apply the quantum properties such as superconductivity among others.
Depending of the particles chosen, and his properties in diferent conditions, it is pursued to get superconduccion and not to have decoherence wich destroys the stability of the qbit characteristics.
I will go on but for the moment here you are some interesting links.
The institute for Quantum Information (USA)
Oxford University site for Quantum Information

Welcome to Nanonabla

April 12, 2010


This pretend to be a place to enjoy science, and discover how it improves each aspect of our lifes.

I hope you’ll find interesting the information

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